Some Old Shit

We didn’t have much unreleased shit laying around, but three tracks have made their way out into the world. You can find them on the OG Chew Toys bandcamp here or you can check them out at all the places that stream music online. Two outtakes from the LP, plus a cover of one of the best songs of all time. Enjoy.

Rocketing into 2007…

Hey punks! We’ve had a lot of people asking for our album to be on streaming services and whatnot. While we don’t entirely support that kind of business, at this point, we’d just rather the songs be out there having their own life, so you can find us on Spotify, Tidal, youtube, and a shitload of other places that we’ve never used or heard of. You can even buy the digital album on iTunes, by clicking here.

We made a new video… kind of.

Pop over to the VIDEOS section to see the piece of crap we hastily cobbled together to sprinkle magic all over this particularly heinous holiday season. A music video for I Hate Xmas…

Wanna pre-order Kevin’s novel?

You can pre-order Kevin’s novel Blind Item right here to receive it on release day. If you buy it from here, he will be happy to sign it whenever he can. Thanks a ton!

Fire Sale!

Hey Punks! We are having a sale over in the shop. We’re basically asking you to pay postage and the rest is free. Snap up a bargain.

2016 and beyond: A new hope.

It’s no secret that 2016 has been an exceedingly horrible time, on a global scale, and for most people, on a deeply personal level. For us, as a band, and a couple, it was almost insurmountable. We struggled as artists and friends, and ultimately, we divorced. In the wake of that, we were forced to evaluate what this little band meant to us, and whether we could continue it, artistically, emotionally. And then Orlando happened. And then the election happened. And today, the LA Weekly wrote this about us. We didn’t solicit it, it took us by complete surprise. But they are right. Anyone, everyone, who can make music during this time of massive threat to human rights and freedoms, should be doing so. Music has always given us a voice, a strength, some comfort and a lot of passion. Thanks, LA Weekly, for including us. We hope we are able to live up to the potential you see in us. – Kev & Jay, The Chew Toys.


Carson Daly appearance now up on VIDEOS page

A year ago we turned up on the Carson Daly show. We just added the video to our VIDEOS page.

An update of sorts!

Sorry we’ve been so quiet! We’ve been doing other things for the past year – Jay went back to school (and is just finishing up any time now), and Kevin wrote a novel (which will come out in May 2017). So Chew Toys had to take a little break. However, we are demoing a new single this week, and will be going into the studio to record it in the summer. Live dates to follow…

Just cuz

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.30.56 PM

Holiday Shopping Spectacular

Yeah, yeah, you know we hate Xmas. We do. We ignore it. But not everyone can be so lucky, so if you HAVE to do Xmas shopping, we’ve dropped the prices in our webstore. Go nuts, and get a dildo-eating grizzly shirt for Granny at a discount price.