Monthly Archives: May 2015

Get Our Album FOR FREE!

Yep. That’s right. We’ve reduced the price of our digital album to nothin. NOTHIN. There’s a tip jar there, if you want to pay for it, you can. If not, you can download it for free. We figured this ain’t ever gonna make us rich, and we’d rather that people had the songs so they can sing along better at our shows. Head over to the store and get downloading.

Another reason to love Ireland!

Hot on the heels of their awesome vote in favor of national marriage equality, Ireland’s premier music blog have done a nice post about our recent appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly. Check it out here!

Last Call With Carson Daly

We don’t know what to say except we’re on Last Call With Carson Daly late tonight, NBC, 1:35am. Technically early in the morning, Thursday May 21. Kind of exciting.


Well this doesn’t suck! We’re playing the hallowed Echoplex this Friday, May 8! Supporting Rat Fist (members of No Age & Pissed Jeans), No Parents and Colleen Green. We play 8:45. $10 at the door.

Fuck you Facebook.

So, it seems that any time we mentioned our Record Store Day sale on Facebook (our primary method of communicating with folks who like our music), they reduce the audience of that post. Those posts were delivered to less than 80 people out of the 600 people who like our page. And we keep getting mail from people sad that they missed out on the orange vinyl. So we are gonna keep the item for sale for another month and try to get the message out via being tricky on the FB. If you want the orange & black Halloween version, it’s still in the store.