Monthly Archives: January 2015

Welcome, new pals!

Hey there! We are getting lots of new folks coming by the site for the first time and we wanted to say hi, and also to let you know what’s what. We have a record. You can buy it on vinyl, or digitally. The vinyl records all come with a code for a free digital download! You can buy it in both those formats from us here, in our SHOP section. We also sell the record at our shows. We’ll be announcing some of those shows soon. If you prefer, you can order the record at your local record store. It’s distributed by Cobraside Distribution. And if it’s haute couture you seek, we are running low on shirts at the moment – L and XL in the webstore. We have a few mediums in the Liza and Warrior shirts, if you’re into those designs, shoot us a message at chewtoysmusic AT and we’ll tell you what we have left. We’ll have new shirts for sale at the shows in Feb. Thanks for coming by!!!

We got a shout-out on Towleroad too!

Today is a good day. We got a nice write-up over on too… looky¬†here if you don’t believe us.

We’re apparently a ‘band to watch’ this year!

The illustrious LA Weekly has called us one of the Fifteen Bands to Watch in 2015. That’s pretty rad. Check out the whole list here! Thanks, LA Weekly.