Monthly Archives: November 2016

Fire Sale!

Hey Punks! We are having a sale over in the shop. We’re basically asking you to pay postage and the rest is free. Snap up a bargain.

2016 and beyond: A new hope.

It’s no secret that 2016 has been an exceedingly horrible time, on a global scale, and for most people, on a deeply personal level. For us, as a band, and a couple, it was almost insurmountable. We struggled as artists and friends, and ultimately, we divorced. In the wake of that, we were forced to evaluate what this little band meant to us, and whether we could continue it, artistically, emotionally. And then Orlando happened. And then the election happened. And today, the LA Weekly wrote this about us. We didn’t solicit it, it took us by complete surprise. But they are right. Anyone, everyone, who can make music during this time of massive threat to human rights and freedoms, should be doing so. Music has always given us a voice, a strength, some comfort and a lot of passion. Thanks, LA Weekly, for including us. We hope we are able to live up to the potential you see in us. – Kev & Jay, The Chew Toys.